Any chance of a Purna guide? 1 Background 2 Character Selection Info 3 Strategy 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Logan was born in 1978 and grew up in Texas. I didn't know if he got nerfed in riptide or not since alot of people complained about hwo much dmg he done in the original game. Lvl 2) +12% 3. Report Save. Infinite Rage Rage gained from kills. I just hate the whole blurry/wobbly screen and slow/stumbling walk lol. Skill Trees for Logan. Once you get inside, you activate the next quest, Front Row . 1 Fury Tree 2 Combat Tree 3 Survival Tree Movement speed increase while in Fury: 1. Using any of the Developer's mod makes the game even easier than it already is for Logan. Thanks:), If I give you a choice between logan, sam b purna xian and xian is quick picks using sharp weapons and other things. I've died so many times from trying to take forever to normal stomp when infected can rip you apart during the animation. Man this had to take a long time to build fuck look at that radar Japanese build all of this. His fury ability was great for clearing crowds instantly as well. 9 years ago. His fury tree is on par with, if not better than Purna’s. But after putting much time in, I did not notice anything better being given to me. Reflection (3/3) At first glance you might think th… This stuff can be found in Dead Zones and in building interiors. Sharp Apprentice (1/1) 5. Dead Island Characters Skills Trees Logan Carter’s Skill Tree Lvl 1) -10% 2. for throwing i go with sharp weapons. Mass Driver (3/3) 3. For Dead Island: Riptide on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best weapon to throw as Logan? Lvl 2) 10% 3. His throw crits were huge and he also got a fair amount of melle boosts and his drunk dmg boost was crazy. Logan: The White Guy. Rad Valtar and Foglatch continue their zombie killing expedition through Dead Island Riptide.Follow us on Twitter: Anyway I loved him on the first one, I thought he was pretty damn powerful upgraded correctly. What is the best strategy for leveling up fast. © Valve Corporation. Pekmez Pita. Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide feature an RPG-style levelling system for each character.As you earn XP for killing zombies, completing quests, etc, you gain skill points to put into one of three trees: Fury, Combat or Survival.Each character has some of their own specific skills to learn, and some are shared. 2. share. 1 Fury Tree 2 Combat Tree 3 Survival Tree Also, this skill seems completely useless in coop mode, where you always can step back and use a medkit, leaving enemies for your partners for a while. Have at least 1-handed blunt with Magic Wand mod (preferably a mace) or 2-handed sledgehammer with tesla mod for easy breathing room. So here we go. You will be using weapons you mod yourself, or weapons you receive through quests, not trying to find a random weapon. Lvl 2) -20% 3. Sam B! FIREARMS APPRENTICE grants you faster stomp ability which is essential in the game. Touch Of Power Perform quick and deadly attacks with a staff in Fury Mode. i found i was losing track when i threw my blunt weapons because they bounce off and land in ridiculous places. Per consigli o altro commentate o votate ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Haymaker Unleash your fury to damage enemies with devastating blows, knocking them down with single hits. Or, you can simply run away. Lvl 1) +33% 2. Report Save. The skills aren't necessarily in order by the way, for instance ECONOMICAL THROWING would be a priority, especially if playing solo for crowd control. Blades are found predominantly in the pump building in Marik's Marina, but the southern landing of Paradise Camp (where there's a few baskets and three dead … His fury ability was great for clearing crowds instantly as well. But I've played a few hours now and I can see his tree did somewhat get nerfed but he is still very good. It'll take a while to find a gun but his stamina and strength lead to more intense battles rather than the stick and move style. … Conditioning (3/3) 4. Personally I thought Logan was more op than Xian. Hello all. I had some suspicions so I took a look around some other Dead Island sources. Use mostly one-handed weapons to maximize Logan's potential. Since you won't be utilizing MEDICINAL PURPOSES, I'd recommend getting REFLECTION. Lvl 3) +99% Godspeed Gives speed buff to yourself and the group during Group Fury. Lvl 1) +6% 2. Most of his blunt weapons knock zombies over, which makes them easier to kill. In this Dead Island Riptide Purna Skill Tree Builds guide, we walk you through different skills you should level up first in order to make your character, a nightmare for zombies. This time Purna's in the spotlight. Lvl 2) +66% 3. not bad. True Bullseye (1/1) 5. If you play Riptide you can find a rudimentary staff early on outside of paradise and that in conjunction with his kick is AWESOME!!!! 2. share. The Wrestler is essentially an "arm" version of the first game's Ram, except it will charge a lot less. Firearms Apprentice (1/1) Survival: 1. I prefer blade weapons strongly over blunt weapons. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Dead Island is all about combat - there's no need to avoid enemies and sneak - especially with a character like Xian, who has so many combat upgrades. You shouldn't spend three points into APPRAISER, which maxed only gives 15% chance of finding an upgraded weapon, a waste in my opinion. Boomerang (1/1) 2. Back again, with another character build guide for Dead Island. Anyway I loved him on the first one, I thought he was pretty damn powerful upgraded correctly. Apparently Xian will do more melle dmg than logan and crit higher while swinging but logans throw crits were higher than her melle crits in the original game. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. ... Logan is probably the best for surviving - But he needs a bit of attention during combat. Shadow Glitch. Level 2: Heavy Hitter. Furious Throw (3/3) 4. Dead Island is a 2011 survival horror action role-playing video game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.Centered on the challenge of surviving a zombie-infested open world with a major emphasis on melee.The plot focuses on 4 playable survivors trying to survive and escape off the fictional island of Banoi. 9 years ago. Has 3 Skill levels. If not how is Xian? I've been playing with Sam and I love him. All you need is one point in economical throw and the two military dev weapons. REFLECTION on the other hand is a useful skill because you can instantly stomp any enemies you'll KO. Below you will find information such as;[ Pre-Video Commentary ] - [ Who am I? ] Skill Trees for Xian Mei. The letter of course. Dead Island Riptide. An example of Purna's skill tree in Dead Island: Riptide. logan is the jack of all trades, while sam b is by far the most powerful early on. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. i had one bounce off an enemy and fly through a wall to land outside. The Build. I'm also finding alcohol in huge quantities all over the place, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting drunk :). ... bars of damage with a combo. Feel No Pain Fury makes you more resilient to damage. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Lvl 3) 15% Lightning Moves Fury makes you move faster. I liked logan because he got good one handed weapon buffs for both blunt and sharp, his sharp was stronger tho, and his throws were amazing. Has 3 Skill levels. Deadeye Bullseye (1/1) Combat: 1. Reliable Boomerang (1/1) 5. The Throwing Logan Guide. Rage Gained: 1. ". Custom Maintenance gives you that much more to go on with your modified weapons. Dead Island Riptide. I was just wondering is he the same on this one, weaker, stronger, is he worth using? In the Slums, there is an abandoned building at the bottom of the map. but in the new dead island riptide elects new character I think is the best, Logan is still strong. I maxed out both Logan and Xian on the first one. Telling Blows (3/3) 7. Frenzy (3/3) 4. Logan is a character that sucks early game, is manageable mid-game, and absolutely rocks end-game. Throwing weapons aren't my thing, but they seem effective even when playing other characters, so I'm sure Logan will do fine. Level 31: Rebirth ... Hey, I love all the guides, just finished Sam B and started a Logan (level 20 at the moment). After looking through the forums here, I noticed no threads about this topic. level 1. If you’re caught off guard, you’re dead anyway. 1 Xian Mei 2 Sam B 3 Logan 4 Purna Expertise: Sharp Weapons Class Type: Assassin (High Damage Dealer) Expertise: Blunt Weapons Class Type: Tank (Human Shield) Expertise: Throwing Weapons Class Type: AoE/CC (Area of Effect/Crowd Control) Expertise: Firearms Class Type: Ranged, Healer Lvl 3) -30% Grim Inspiration Killing enemies with Blunt Weapons generates additionally Rage. Has 3 Skill levels. Get to the roof and look for the entrance into the cinema. Dead Island Riptide. Go around the building and find a Thug guarding the roof access ladder. Build del personaggio Logan di Dead Island Riptide, personaggio al liv 47 ma gia' dal 45 e' pronta la build. The new never fucking way The shit. ! Lvl 3) +18% Sticks and Stone Taking … Hello all. Has 3 Skill levels. Fury: 1. I prefer all melle or throwing weapons, I don't like using guns on these games. He gains rage quickly, deals a ridiculous amount of damage, and can generate rage from a … Has 3 Skill levels. Group Speed Boost: … Logan Carter, the Jack of All Trades, one of the four playable characters in Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, is a former American football star and the jack of all trades of the group of the Heroes. Economical Throw (3/3) 8. Dead Island Concept Art Dead Island concept art is digital, print, drawn, or model artwork created by the official artists for the developer(s) and publishers of the title. Mighty Throw (3/3) 6. Volatile (3/3) 6. Damage Reduction while in Fury: 1. -I haven't played as Logan but while playing as Purna, I experiemented with throwing Mindblowing knives (I had 3, and would throw & pickup/rethrow) - This was great for clearing packs of 3-4 with ease, but became annoying when dealing with larger numbers (especially factoring … Apparently, Purna's Survival skill Jackpot does not work. Bullseye (1/1) 2. Grazing Hits (3/3) 3. Pierre, the trader at Pierre's Magasin, also (randomly) sells this stuff. His throw crits were huge and he also got a fair amount of melle boosts and his drunk dmg boost was crazy. In terms of Riptide, they also have a lot of different things to say about questions and situations, so there's that as well. All rights reserved. I will post a more specific build with a leveling guide after some more research and experimentation, along with pros and cons to each skill and why I picked them. I wish I could though. Visit Marik's Marina and get the mud pump from the building with four workbenches inside. I used Logan on the original Dead Island I played it on 360, didn't have a gaming pc then. Wings of Death (3/3) 7. Once it is cleared out, you can fast travel to it. With alcohol boost plus built right logan could get 60% plus dmg to throwing weapons plus like an extra 15% chance to crit with them with a 50% chance to auto boomerang so I threw alot. I would like to get the 3rd Boomerang skill, but I am not planning on getting drunk in game.