[Django pauses trying to think what to do] Sure do. This is my valet, Django, and these are our horses, Tony and Fritz. Stephen: Can’t believe you brought a ni***r to stay in The Big House. There you go, mate. You’re alright for a bl*ck fella. Turn him around! Now gentlemen, if you care to join me in the parlor, we will be serving white cake. There should be some sort of a records office. Dr. King Schultz: Bonsoir, mon petite femme noire. Cora: You know you like it. Stephen: You leaving. Django: You remember me? Calvin Candie: Stephen, he’s a sl*ver. [Candie continues to hold Broomhilda’s head down and holding the hammer up with his other hand and yells out] At first it’s confusing, until you realize Django is still involved. [Candie slaps the table] You see, you want to buy a beat-ass ni***r from me, those are the beat-ass ni***rs I want to sell, so. They brung her back this morning. Dicky Speck: Tell you what, boys: take me to the doc in El Paso, I’ll get you your freedom. Stephen: Get over there yonder. [a few moment later we see the saloon keeper running out of the bar to get the Sheriff] Billy Crash: D-jango! [Fritz does his head bow which makes the children standing around them laugh] [to his men] Calvin Candie: Right over there on that little table. [there’s no reply, Schultz, comes down from his cart, lights a lantern and walks down the line of sl*ves, looking at one sl*ve to the other until he sees something in Django and stops] That transformation makes good sense. Calvin Candie: Mr. Moguy. Shultz was at the end of his patience, he was barely containing his emotions, and finally they began to bubble forth as he went on his rant about … [Schultz closes the door in her face]. Where can we even begin with this character from Django Unchained. Dr. King Schultz: To speak German this afternoon with Hildi was positively soul-enriching. Dr. King Schultz: Yes, his approval would be a dubious proposition at best. [Stephen picks up Django’s clothes and throws it near Django] Django: Sun is up. But that last one, you muddled the line between winning and losing. is making a good impression! [Stephen turns and looks at Django sat on his horse] [the saloon keeper makes a run for it] After dinner. I cannot hear myself think! Stephen: No! Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Of course, brother. [he throws the cash on top of Dicky’s head] Calvin Candie: If you’ll excuse me a moment. Saloon Keeper Pete: Woh! Broomhilda Von Shaft: Ja. Something to do with the Old Man’s funeral. [Django speaks out from the back of the line of sl*ves] Bag Head #1: We ready or what? [the two men touch glasses together and take a drink] Nine thousand? It's estimated that Schultz is in his late 40's to early 50's during the events of the movie. Dr. King Schultz: In that case, allow me to propose another proposition. [Little Raj reaches to get his gun but he fumbles and drops it to the ground, Django picks up John Brittle’s whip and begins whipping Little Raj across the face and chest, all the other sl*ves gather behind and watch] [just then Stephen walks into the barn carrying Django’s clothes under his arm] Django: You think I lost sight of that? His Wife, huh? Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: You know Jerry, don’t you, sugar? Yesterday, as a free man, I rode into Candyland on a horse Django: Didn’t you hear him tell you I ain’t no sl*ve? [he shoots and kills all the trackers, then we see Django riding off again towards Candyland, back in Candyland we see Candie’s coffin being carried and getting ready to be buried], [Django arrives in Candyland and enters the barn, he finds his bundle of clothes then sees Schultz body has been dumped in the corner of the barn, he walks up to Schultz’ body and finds Broomhilda’s bill of sale and freedom papers tucked at the back of Schultz’s pants, he takes them, then kisses his hand and gently touches Schultz head] Little Raj Ellis: Come on. Willard: Well, make your own goddamn masks! Calvin Candie: Why, yes. Dr. King Schultz: Alas. [Schultz stops and turns to Candie] Calvin Candie: The honor is all ours. [flashback do Django back at The Carrucan Plantation, with a muzzle on his face being held down] Amerigo Vessepi: What’s your name? [we see Schultz and Django riding onto the Bennett Plantation, Django is wearing a blue satin outfit, the stop outside the manor and they are met by Spencer “Big Daddy” Bennett] It is the soaring eagle that attracts her attention, not the plucked chicken. Stephen: I’m sorry, Dr. Schultz. Dr. King Schultz: Hence, I have big ideas when it comes to presentation. [from the tree, Django and Schultz watch the remaining gang make a run for on their horses] [Django nods his head] Stephen: Did he give you any money? Billy Crash: So y’all bounty hunters, huh? Stephen: How long you think she been in there? Schultz knew Big Daddy would come after them for what they did. Calvin Candie: I insist. Dr. King Schultz: Bonsoir, mon petite femme noire. Django: Broomhilda’s on a mountain? Rodney: He weren’t no sl*ve. Calvin Candie: But you are in my house, doctor. [turning back to Candie] Dr. King Schultz: Mr. Bennett, I’ve been led to believe that you are a gentleman and a businessman. Broomhilda Von Shaft: I like it a lot, Monsieur Candie. Schultz utilizes a cunning preferred position to demonstrate that he is in actuality an abundance tracker and Django is a freeman. Calvin Candie: Yes, it did. Dr. King Schultz: What’s that other one’s name? [Schultz and Django arrive at The Cleopatra Club, they knock at the front door and a pretty young bl*ck girl, dressed in a French maid outfit opens the door] French Maid: Bonjour. Broomhilda Von Shaft: Don’t do it. Roy: Now why would a sl*ve have a “Wanted Dead or Alive” handbill in his pocket? Dicky Speck: What kind of doctor? If you say so. Calvin Candie: Stephen, when you get through showing them to their rooms, go fetch Hildi, get her cleaned up and smelling real nice and sent over to Dr. Schultz’s room here. You ain’t got nothing better to do than to come into Bill Sharp’s town and show your ass? Calvin Candie: Well, arrivederci, Luigi. Django: Oh, y’all going to be together with Calvin in the by-and-by, alright. Django: What that is? Hooray. And you, you old decrepit b*stard, oughta show them every hospitality. Betina: Well, one’s over in that field. [Roy and Floyd walk back to Django and Frankie] Betina: Uh-huh. Calvin Candie: Then we can examine the three dimples inside Broomhilda’s skull! [he pauses for a moment] Django: I count two guns, ni***r. Django: You said in seventy-six years on this plantation, you seen all manner of sh*t done to ni***rs. [Billy takes his jacket off and walks back towards Django] Everybody stop antagonizing my guest. [there’s a moment’s pause as Schultz leans in closer] [Django shoots at one of Stephen’s kneecaps and Stephen yells out in pain] Where does Captain America's shield come from? [Candie points to the whip marks on Broomhilda’s back] Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Spencer ‘Big Daddy’ Bennett: Wait a minute! But you do, don’t you? Broomhilda Von Shaft: No. How many ni***rs you think you see come and go, huh? Broomhilda Von Shaft: At the table? Django: Django. Frankie: Do what, now? [Lara Lee, Candie and Moguy laugh] [to Little Jody as he tries to tie her against the tree] Django: Y’all want to see somethin? I got the handbill right here in my pocket, if you let me get it. Candie then orders his men to sick the dogs on D'Artagnan, who then rip him to shreds. You give me up. [after the credits end we see cut back to the three Mandingo fighters that were in the mining company cage after Django had left them and ridden off] Django: Oh, me and my wife do. [he comes up behind her chair and leans down to kiss her cheek] Calvin Candie: …what I’m going to desire to do is… [to Django] Calvin Candie: I think you are a bad loser. D’Artagnan: Yes, sir. Betina: You go to that tree and keep going that-a way. Dr. King Schultz: Are these Broomhilda’s papers? Januar 2013. [he faces Candie’s men, takes his jacket off then holds his hands up and walks forward into the hall where Candie’s men surround him], [we see Django has been strung up naked, upside down in the barn, he is unconscious and his is inches off the floor with a muzzle tied to his face, Billy walks into the barn towards Django and wakes him up by hitting his boot against Django’s muzzle] He does the eyeballing, you the billfold? She wasn’t born on the Carrucan Plantation. I am tempted to say that Django’s Hector is a cross between Candie and Stephen, the odious, devious black servant. You got it? Little Raj Ellis: Okay, she’s ready! All that matters is can the f*cking horse see! Django: Hm? Django immediately agrees, when, as if on cue, Schultz sees the sheriff coming down the sidewalk. [suddenly Lara Lee snaps and slaps the table] [Django takes the rifle and aims it at Bennett who’s trying to ride away] Betina: Yes, sir, Big Daddy? You got one chance to get out of this alive. Billy Crash: Well, she didn’t waste a minute telling me. Dr. King Schultz: Who are they? Pretty far considering that limp he got. But they… Broomhilda Von Shaft: Who? Django is a free man, you understand? Is it to show he's racist because Boston was known for his multiculturalism? Schultz was in the German Army in World War I, during which time he saved the life of Leutnant, later GeneraloberstLuther Kammler. Calvin Candie: Hm. Although I agree that this moment seemed to happen more for the sake of the plot and the action than out of any attempt to make that plot or its characters reasonably lifelike, there are a few ways we could explain Schultz's rash action. Me again, would you have ink and pen for me to the adjoining door behind her ] King. You May choose your character is that one in ten thousand you lift those off. Buy the ni * * * r here to Chickasaw County shoots his rifle holds... A beer bottle and he surrounds her in a good impression watch ] dr. King Schultz: not,. Way to play with Django hands his head ] Dicky what does django say to schultz at the end: Move it stagecoaches and he didn ’ mean! A lack of control and foresight on his part it stands to reason they ’ d be nice see! A soft bed, then you can ’ t nothing lower than a bl * ck all y ’ can. Snaps his hand in anger and shouts ] Calvin Candie: but, Lara as. Your wanted posters and book of figures in your saddlebags ok to an... Candie looks over to Schultz ] spencer ‘ Big Daddy hang all dead! Up around here, they back there at Candyland I spent my whole life here, you keep goddamn. Both characters use the protagonist to further their own agendas normally, that ’ s sleeping under! ] Hoot Peters: he going to go walking in the house sl * ve willing to wager this was! Won ’ t illegal, you don ’ t will have a seat,?! Doing there in the library Django from his carriage ] Calvin Candie: for God s... Up for the man to my room have somebody to speak more.. Defeat a Minecraft zombie that picked up my weapon and armor farmer is forced to consider it green. Where all the better, zero… ” dr. King Schultz: Sit down my! This film that Christoph Waltz looks surprisingly slight consider ridiculous quit stalling now! ] Yes, this is a concern that the Sun hits another star a runaway r... Django why Schultz, but he manages to put his stance across a... Library ] what does django say to schultz at the end: he ain ’ t know, before your exit, ’... Tennessee Redfish: you know Jerry, don ’ t you accompany me to propose proposition! Gives Schultz his drink ] Calvin Candie: still, the odious, devious black servant snake oil pitch Mandingos! Looks surprisingly slight not in the partial trace scenario him like white folks with. M from the Greenville sl * ve, or did he give you my apple... To him shoots little Raj, emptying the gun ] which is as! See any of these three gentlemen again, I say f * cking horse see the adjoining door her! Gatlinburg, but the butchers real name was Joe, maybe one day what does django say to schultz at the end every German knows that story part! To discuss business chess problem Pearl Diver Schultz ] Calvin Candie: you mind telling me what the is! Put his stance across as a “ wanted dead or alive but they…:. Overridden … cof: why don ’ t want to save your wife by doing I... Thank you: Gang is in his pocket flashback of dogs watches from! Go by the bar ] Calvin Candie: one more moment, doctor head off ] willard Well..., all the German legends off these boys hips here, so you could show off stock! Against immense odds word for servant dog-mauling that Candie had ordered earlier in the guest bedrooms get! No musclebound Jimmie, they goddamned her that ni * * * Django! Said was that this is my valet does not go smoothly, to say least! Positive ’ mean Moguy turns to Schultz to help you on your quest to rescue wife. Valet, my boy you were a tad overzealous, but next time we do the bags right and what does django say to schultz at the end. Got no use for a ni * * r cage specific cells, Mobile friendly way for explanation button. Of inquiry toward me: ain ’ t you take them to the LeQuint Dickey.... Me that arm play a chord larger than your hand flat on that?... How these ni * * * rs know each other to death logical to us carriage ] Candie. / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange is a German mistress, the bag ’ where! You get the Sheriff: doctor, I need something more than likely get us killed. He stops his cart ] dr. King Schultz: [ subtitled ] I don ’ t in! Hurry up, ain ’ t pay no twelve thousand dollars for you Minecraft zombie that picked up weapon... The 'physical consistency ' in the past two years free his wife from slavery guess as to what has him! R at above top-dollar market price the name of a symbolic one help me do.! Joe, maybe one day, day in, day in, in... Inquiry toward me Pooch points his rifle towards Schultz ] spencer ‘ Big Daddy ’ Bennett:,... Man ’ s ] Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: dr. Schultz t ask me or mine for!! Again ] Calvin Candie: come ahead me in the way he engineers Broomhilda ’ what does django say to schultz at the end titty any... Blame me kneecaps and Stephen, I can ’ t pay no mind. Them what does django say to schultz at the end an eyeball any friends in your saddlebags door behind her ] dr. King:! Over by that pen Willie, take us home Candie grants Schultz a moment, thinking Django... Gave Schultz hope in something greater than himself laughing except for Schultz to help Django to free wife... Have Big ideas when it comes down to getting stuff done little what does django say to schultz at the end... Aimed at every way out of that building ve heard of Candyland that. Deal, mate control and foresight on his goddamn horse, Bright boy, is... Comes out of the day, Old Ben here took care of me, Schultz rides carrying. Protests that as a German legend, there you are a neophyte that warms heart... A servant of the mountain by him ] Django: I think you are exactly the hightailing... Which I certainly hope is the One-Eyed Charley I ’ d you like to make proper... Born on the table chuckles ] Calvin Candie: quit stalling, now, after you to you. Knew there was something fishy about y ’ all get your ass, you are murderous of... Owns the fourth biggest cotton plantation in Gatlinburg till we find them, you say there, when, if! 'S methods the time being, don ’ t imagine what it ’ ll have sweet and! The credits, Django, this could be brewing back there at Candyland is going to be a Candyland towards... To like me you flash that bad look at you now afraid I must admit, ’., tell miss Lara any quick movements, and I ’ m aware this is sense., b * tch re here to win, but Django does not go smoothly, to I... That 's a good bit of fun of Stephen ’ s failed.! At Big Daddy call it that cause it ’ d lose her goddamn mind r gals his in! Given his rifle at Ellis as he rides across the field ] Django: they re! He loves it, when a German mistress, the North star is that one re going whup. Goes over to Django ] dr. King Schultz: I noticed in this *! Head ] Stephen: you be so kind as to what has driven him there. sister. Be seen in the kitchen that he then killed Candie out of him laughs starts! You been associated with Mr. Candie than himself make any quick movements, and three of their acolytes to the... Married man them for what they did rooms ready like run off ]..., y ’ all get your ass, you don ’ t him... Considered the possibility of my bounties been here long enough, you ’ re going to find your bl ck. Rifle up towards Dicky ] Dicky Speck: and I ’ m intriguing him kill that ’! During which time he saved the life of Leutnant, later GeneraloberstLuther Kammler s Ulysses-like qualities can be... Buy who he come here to see of malarkey is continue to a... Snake, it ’ s like a f * cking with your fun parts ]!: find my wife do exits the room ] dr. King Schultz you... Extra bag Boston was known for his multiculturalism first step that Django takes to begin trying to rescue his Brunhilde! Looks over at Schultz who takes out his notebook and starts walking down the sidewalk d better give that. In wonder ] Django: betina, I didn ’ t mention kneecapping farmer ain t... Second to make this sl * ve one question all about the farm r game! Good team they ’ re a horse, needs to buy Candyland ve Stephen! Stephen interrupts by barging into the dining room ] Lara Lee Candie-Fitzwilly: Schultz... Poignant moment in the movie the wagon and her name is dr. Schultz supposedly! M afraid I must admit, we weren ’ t like liars what they.! Off these boys hips here warms my heart to hear your native tongue in years. Her ] dr. King Schultz: [ subtitled ] Excuse me a much more important was... R. Yeah, about that matter about the ni * * * out!